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I can't speak more highly of Ilona. I worked with her for 6 years as she managed a rental condo for me, which she eventually helped me sell. I would strongly recommend her both for a management person and an agent for purchase or sale. She has great local knowledge, a very positive attitude, and is just a wonderful person to work with. In particular, she really helped me be a good landlord, as it was very important to me that my tenants be treated well and have a good experience. Additionally, during the process of selling the condo, Ilona did a great job with both the CMA and the negotiations, ensuring that not only did I get a great price, but that everyone involved in the deal felt like they got what they wanted.


Ilona sold our Cambridge condo and made the entire experience very easy, and she got us maximum market value. She communicated the details as much as necessary and made great recommendations. I highly recommend her.


Ilona is a very experienced agent with a long history in the Boston area. In addition, she is a genuinely nice person. She is THE agent for all One First Condos, handling both sales and rental management. I found her very responsive in my personal encounters with her.


Ilona is the best. I've purchased six homes and sold them in other states. When I moved to Cambridge, Ilona was the listing agent for the apartment that I rented. I was so impressed with her professionalism, kindness, and knowledge about the process of leasing. I asked her if she would be our buying agent. She took me around for six months to just educate me on the areas. In all kinds of weather and even to units I found on trulia that she knew I would not like, Ilona made arrangements for me to see the places. Her positive attitude and just overall fabulousness made me so happy she was working for us!

Ilona managed the home we rented. She did an extraordinary job responding to requests and making our dealings with the owner easier and more manageable. I'd hire her anytime in the future to help with our real estate needs.


llona helped me choose and buy the apartment I've lived in for the past 10 years. I've been very happy with my choice thanks to her guidance. Illona is very knowledgeable and very personable. She is trustworthy and prioritizes her clients' welfare at all times.


The authority on Kendall Sq and its flagship condo community One1st. Excellent at market analysis and appropriate pricing. Great at marriaging the right buyer with the right fit property.


Ilona Kuphal is masterful at all aspects of selling a home, including staging and pricing your home and negotiating the best deal. She brings years of experience to the process as well as a caring and thoughtful attitude.


Ilona Kuphal is the ultimate professional. She was a delightful person to work with. The one thing we were looking for in a broker was "trust" . We got that and more. She took the stress out of buying and selling and made it very easy.


Ilona is always very thorough and knows her properties. She does her homework. In addition, she listens to her clients and works well with them, as she did when my husband and I bought our condominium through her. Her years of experience and sincerity have helped make her a well known, sought-out real estate agent.



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